About Us

We are committed to providing you with top quality LED lighting products, at highly competitive prices.

We have designed our company and website around the central idea of making the switch to LED lighting for signage easy, simple, and fun.

We are innovators and addicted to new technology.

We are surrounded with the latest LED technology and we are committed to sharing it with you in fun and innovative ways.


  • LED RGB modules creating varying colour outputs,
  • LED Bulb replacements for incandescent bulbs,
  • LED Spot lamp high intensity.
  • LED Display lighting for POP displays etc.
  • LED High power flood lamps for light wall washing applications.

With the recent breakthroughs in LED technology and manufacturing techniques, LED lighting is now considered to have many advantages over neon and fluorescent lighting.


  1. Greater reliability of performance.
  2. Longevity of the unit 50 -100,000 hours.
  3. Huge savings on costly ongoing maintenance.
  4. Dramatically reduced running costs, based on KW consumed.
  5. Reduced Installation costs saving electrical trades costs.
  6. Lower cost of associated equipment.
  7. Fully programmable both cable and wireless.
  8. Insignificant amount of heat generated with LEDs compared to heat generated by fluorescent ballast.
  9. The costs of added power consumption to help cool a building being heated by fluorescent ballast, cannot be ignored.
  10. The size, shape and configuration of the backlit area can restrict the use of fluorescent due to their size whereas LED modules can fit in almost anywhere.
  11. In areas that are prone to moisture from water, washing, cleaning, humidity etc, 12volt LED is a much safer alternative to 240volt fluorescent lighting and certainly better than up to 15,000volt neon!
  12. The options of different solid colours and RGB colour change via fading / animation is another benefit of LED over fluorescent & neon.


LED is mainly used in these fields:

  • Indoor residential lighting.
  • Commercial and office building lighting.
  • Hard to reach areas like: high ceiling and central dome area.
  • 24-hours full time operation facilities like: store, mart, underground parking lot, elevator etc.
  • Subway and tunnel area.
  • High risk of fire area like: gas station and fuel depot.
  • Food production facilities and exhibition space.
  • Need to block harmful UV lights area: museums and art centre.
  • Areas that require long-term light exposure: schools and libraries.